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Your Professional Image as a Bridal Makeup Artist

Personal presentation and image as makeup artist is very important as it is the first impression a client gets of you. Your clients need to feel comfortable with your presence and comfortable enough to trust you would do a good job .

"Your image reflect your brand "

Being a Makeup Artist, you not only styles and beautifies your clients but you are also an artist , a creative personnel. Beauty is what you advocate , therefore it is important you take good care of yourself and your skin .

Appearance, communication skills , and the ability to present yourself is crucial. It will further enhance the base of professional knowledge you have. You need to be able to present yourself confidently as a high-class professional and your brides/ client are in good hands.

Sharing some personal image tips with you here:

i ) Professional clothing selection

- Stylish & professional . Show your individual taste .

- Dark / neautral colou

- Look clean , neat and well maintained .

ii) Cleanliness / Personal hygiene

- Nails should be clean and well manicured with minimal application.

- Keep your hands clean and moisturized ( Always wash your hands before, after, and in between a makeup application)

iii) Work shoes must -clean and comfortable.

- Flats and comfortable (yet professional shoes) are always preferred, as you will be on your feet for a long period of time

iv) Hair neatly pulled back / minimal

-Hair should be clean and not fall on the face. If you have long hair, it should be neatly (and stylishly) pulled back so that your hairstyle does not interfere with work.

v) Smell nice.

Avoid strong fragrance and ensure mouth smells fresh and odour-free as you will be dealing with brides up close.

vi) Effective communication and good ethics

Always address your clients by their name , this adds the personal touch and made them feel you care for them. If your clients not in the mood to talk , do not simply impose a conversation which will make them uncomfortable. Share tips and self-care guide to help them prep for the big day.

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