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Top Questions Frequently asked by Bride

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Communication between brides and makeup artist begins from the very start. From the enquiries till engaging you as the bridal makeup artist , mutual understanding is vital as the brides prep for her big day. As a professional bridal makeup artist , we have to be prepared to assist the bride in beauty / makeup related queries .

Below is a list i would like to share with you , common questions that brides ask makeup artist :

i) Will you do a trial before my wedding ?

Depending on your package proposed , i strongly encourage a trial session with your brides to be . This is to communicate her style preferences , understand her skin condition and facial features and as well as to manage her expectations of your service.

It is best to be done 3-5 weeks before the wedding . Share with your artist your gown or accessories you will be wearing during the trial.

ii) What kind of prep should i do before the wedding ?

For healthy radiant skin , rest is vital and try to reduce stress prior to the wedding , cause it might cause breakouts . Eat healthily and drink lots of water to hydrate you body and flush out nasty toxins.

For skin hydration , use appropriate moisturiser and apply facial mask often , prior to the wedding. As for the hair , do ask your bridal makeup artist advice on colours that work best for you and not to dye your hair too close the wedding. Skin hydration is so so important for a healthy looking skin!

On wedding date , do come with a freshly washed face and hair .

iii) I want to have natural radiant look , may i know how can it be done ?

Other than the prep before the wedding , it can be achieved with appropriate makeup techniques and products. Here at Beauté By Aivy , we do #Airbrush_makeup for that flawless radiant look coupled with makeup & hairdo styles that suit the bride's features , gown and wedding theme.

To know more about our #Professional_Bridal_Makeup_and_hairdo_course, do visit our website for more details .

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