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Important Soft Skills For Bridal Makeup Artist

In the bridal styling industry , theories are important but practicality is a must . The

re are some skills that are acquired from courses and training. And some through mentoring and coaching sessions with the trainer.

Having the right skills set will bring you further in this bridal styling career. Here we list down summary of skills we find essential based on our experience for more than a decade as #bridal #makeup #artist

  • Communication skills

  • Working under pressure

  • Time Management

  • Detail Orientation

  • Creativity


Early phase of Client Communication

Enquiries, bookings - You must always be responsive on your emails, calls and text messages on your various social media platform - whichever your brides prefer to connect. Make the booking experience an easy and convenient one. Provide solution to their doubts and question - most important CLARITY!

On the job communication

Whether it’s during trial makeup or pre-wedding consultations , always keep your brides informed. They will appreciate if you provide some pointers to the makeup and hairstyling you are doing on them.

Share with them some self-care tips that would prep their skin for their big day . It will also be helpful if you are able to give clear directions / instruction to your bride so that the makeup can be applied faster and seamlessly.


Always be calm and collected at work , though it can be stressful and tensed when working on very tight bridal styling timeline.Though working under the pressure of time or environment , as a bridal makeup artist , we must pay attention to details and complete meticulous cosmetic requests.

Don’t be all over because this can slow your progress even more. Through experience , as an artist , we must be able to reason and solve problems that comes along during makeup process. Improvise according to the situation while still maintaining your creative flow. Under any condition , remember - Be Professional !


Though being a bridal makeup artist , you are in charge of your own time and schedule, you still need to manage your time and client’s time efficiently. You are in charge of analysing the client's desire and obtain the right equipment and artistry to complete the job. While applying makeup , do not take too long to complete the process. Do it fast while still paying attention to detail. Be punctual to every makeup assignment .


Makeup is very visual . Therefore , anybody will notice the details you miss. Detail orientation is highly important factor we highlight in our courses. We hope our students will be humble in noticing their mistakes, apart from knowing that they can do great too. Improve and correct any areas you find weak and best to practice often to improve your skills.


Bridal makeup artist requires you to have strong visual sense. As and artist you should :

  • Understand Different face shapes

  • Understand Face features

  • Recognise way to highlight them

Cosmetic application requires good perception and visualization skills . You need to be able to mentally arrange elements of the makeup application to create an attractive look that is suitable for your bride and her wedding theme.

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