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How to get your makeup work noticed online?

In this digital era when social media and online presence is booming , it helps to leverage the business even more. The platform is ready but how do we ensure it is fully utilised and brides to notice our work?

1. Get specialised training - improve your artistry with continuos learning

Knowledge is king. Equip yourself with essential basic techniques with professional makeup courses . For experienced makeup artists , you can always upgrade your skills with latest advanced makeup and styling courses/ workshops to keep yourself ahead of the game.

You will benefit a lot learning from experienced senior artist who inspire you with their styles . The mentoring process will give you better insights of the expectations from the bridal industry itself , especially when you are still starting anew. After all the learning , practise practise practise!! #bridalmakeupcourses #advancebridalmakeupcourse

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2.Utilise “storytelling to” build your brand

Some tips to share compelling brand stories in your social media or in your marketing initiatives :

i) Share experience how your artistry help to solve issues/ problems of your customers.

The story should be about the problem you solved for a customer, not about how great you are doing it. E.g With your airbrush makeup artistry , you are able to help your brides to cover her flaws like scar , marks etc.

ii) Share your inspiration being in the business

To better engage with your audience, sharing your personal stories and inspiration would definitely help. Don’t be afraid to share your greater vision that inspires your artistry & work.You can also share your artistic preferences or stories that drives you to be persistent in this bridal makeup business .

iii) Stand out from the crowd, Show how you are different!

Knowing what set yourself apart from others , your customer reviews will give you the hints. Frame those differences in a compelling story for your audience.

You could consider a Testimonial / Review video from your previous brides etc

iv) Celebrate a customer story

Your customer is the hero and the highlight. It doesn’t have to a story directly related to your services but it could be inspiring stories of your customer , or real life situation on her wedding day. Customers crave for real people stories and it’s an added bonus for your brand with a “personal touch”.

We share our bride's video on social media platform and our website as a gesture of appreciation in engaging us.

3.Quality portfolio

Have your website professionally designed and curated. Content is still as important. So showcase your best work online. Good photography and photos of your brides . Or build a sample from styled shoots that are professionally captured.

Your portfolio should best represent you , your work and artistry , your strength.

Images presented on website , blog and social media should be consistently presentable - portraying the best of your work / brides with good lighting and capture.

Your website needs to have examples of your work on it in an easily-navigated format. These images need to be updated regularly, to showcase your current skill level and keep your aesthetic fresh.

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