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Bridal Makeup Artist as a Second Career

Some may be looking for a change in career direction . Or looking into follow your passion in life .If you are passionate about makeup & beauty and love working with brides , then a career as bridal makeup artist is a great choice for you.

The key to treating Bridal Makeup Artist as your second career requires you to plan ahead and make the change gradually.

The bridal makeup artistry career may provide you some schedule flexibility , so you can take your time and ease into the career without taking too many risks. Here are some simple steps/ tip you can follow :

  1. Stay in your current job, don’t quit your job yet!

  2. Get educated

  3. Freelance part-time

  4. Start your bridal makeup career!

1. Stay in your current job, don’t quit your job yet!

Such new career requires time to start and setup the business. There are tough days when you are still juggling through finding clients and establishing yourself.. So having stable job and income is essential while you build on your dreams.

You can consider taking on tasks/ jobs that polishes your customer service and soft skills that will come very handy when you are a professional makeup artist.

2. Enroll in bridal makeup training courses

Professional makeup artist are not made on social media . To be the a successful professional makeup artist , you need to spend time and invest on learning the fundamentals of bridal makeup artistry.

With Beauté, you can easily enrol to our courses that are flexible - so that you can get yourself educated and mentored while still keeping your day job.

We have short courses and also intensive courses for a full fledge learning experience.

3. Freelance part-time

Bridal makeup business allows you to go freelance . Mainly because most assignment are on weekends , so you can still have your regular 9-5 job until your business get stable.

As you build your business and your brand, and as word-of-mouth starts to get around, your clientele will expand. Once you reach the point where you have to decline jobs as as a part-time bridal MUA, it’s time to go full time!

4. Start your bridal makeup career (FULLTIME!)

If all the above has been thriving well , and the experience are able to produce decent income and make you motivated , well it’s time to go all out for a fruitful bridal makeup career.

Do you stories to share on how you start a second career as a makeup artist? Let us know in the comments below!

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