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5 Areas Where Makeup Artists Lose Time During a Job


Learning to budget your time is essential! This also means knowing the key areas that drain your time during an appointment. Keep reading to discover 5 areas often cause makeup artist to lose precious time.

1. Welcoming your makeup clients

Keep your welcoming gestures pleasant , short and sweet.

Multi-tasking your greeting is the best way to go.

Immediately after welcoming them, ask clients if they need to use the washroom. Stopping in the middle of the trial / makeup application is time consuming . After they’ve used the restroom, gesture them to the chair as you finish up the warm welcome. Within five minutes, they should be settled and ready-to-go.

2. Feeding your client food and drink

Many may think to feed customers to make a positive impression .I think it's not encouraged . Imagine someone eating and drinking during a client consultation. It may not seem like a hassle, but you’ll find yourself waiting on them a lot.

On professional sets, food and drink will often be provided. But experienced models and talent do not bring food to the chair. A bottle of water is fine but muffins, tea cakes, and coffee/tea can result in a lot of lost time.

3. Spending time searching through your makeup kit

Always ensure your makeup suitcase is well organized to save time. You need to know where each products are . Before a session starts, it is best to arrange your makeup kits on the table or make them accessible.

4. Makeup Brush-cleaning during the makeup job

Waiting for your brushes to be dry after cleaning is time consuming. Either clean them before your session or always keep extra brushes handy. This allows you to switch between them and keep working on your client.

Most makeup session are done within a tight timeline , so best to focus on the makeup session itself rather than wasting time on cleaning your makeup kit.

5. Effective communication - Let your makeup clients lead the conversation

The less you encourage ongoing chat , you are actually leaving your client really positive impressions.

Let your clients relax and enjoy their makeup process. Conversations may disrupt the amazing pampering aspect. If the artist keep talking , clients are obliged to answer.

As they speak , their faces will move and sometimes you'll have to stop applying makeup .

Keep the communication precise and brief.

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